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Linkin.biz is way more than a traditional consultancy firm. Our experienced team is able to cover every aspect of the Logistics and Transport industries. We offer services that go beyond the report or formal advice you get from your current experts. Our team at linkin.biz is interested in maintaining long-term partnerships: from idea to market introduction. The European freight market is under tremendous transformation, and our role is to track, develop and deploy advanced technologies and elaborate tools for competitive markets. We are always at the forefront when it comes to pushing processes and technologies to new heights!

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Our core competence is to develop and implement reliable, outperforming state of the art equipment and rolling stock. In many cases longstanding practices are denying the deployment of rail transport’s full potential. Thus, linkin.biz tries to change exactly that by enabling disruptive technologies in the sector.


Served by the outstanding experience and insight into the freight railway industry, our team is experienced in designing and implementing robust routes and creating sustainable customer value. Leading to more efficiency within your business processes and granting you an edge against your competition.


Specialized in the Logistics and Transport industry, linkin.biz can guarantee you professional support in operations, sales and management. Flexible, reliable and experienced. Our team is available whenever, wherever it is needed and has already proven its value in Austria and abroad. Linkin.biz is a legitimate partner when you are looking for an agent, representative, or broker in European markets.


Linkin.biz brings decades of experience in the freight forwarding business to the table. When your team requires more insight into any specific field covering the rail freight industry. We have got you covered. Our seasoned experts are the right guys to host your workshops. Linkin.biz will curate presentations right for specific customer needs and on a wide array of topics.

Our Team

meet our passionate employees
Reinhard Bamberger
Reinhard Bamberger
Founder & Head of Sales
Reinhard has spent his last 30 years with railways and logistics companies. During this time, he was able to acquire detailed knowledge in sales, operation and innovation. Reinhard lead various teams, starting off with small, specialized teams and continuously moving towards Managing Director at DHL, DB Schenker and Rail Cargo Austria. Reinhard launched his own company in late 2016.
Günter Heindl
Günter Heindl
Senior Expert | Engineer
Günter brings more than 25 years of experience in the logistics and transport sector to linkin.biz. He specialized onto railway technology and operations and has previously managed multiple teams. After serving various functions in the Rail Freight Sector, Günter joined Rail Cargo Austria in 2013 as Head of Products and Services. In 2016 he became part of linkin.biz.
External Experts
External Experts
Junior & Senior Consultants
More power is required? No problem at all – external freelancers strengthen our teams by following the specific needs of our customers. Railfreight Expertise. Technical Expertise. Management Capacity. You Require – We Serve!