25. April 2017

About us

linkin.biz - connecting markets is a team of experienced specialists covering all aspects of the Logistics and Transport Industries. In our focus is the functionality of pan-European deployable Railfreight Solutions. In a case of need our core team shall be strengthened by external freelancers at any time. Each team member is an expert in his specific field, benefiting from careers in various multinational Rail Transport Companies.

The European Railfreight Market is under an enormous transformation. Our experts now use their expertise to help the customers of linkin.biz to develop their ancestral businesses and also to conquer new markets. The wide spectrum of services currently provided by linkin.biz is a range from market analysis to an actual research and development of new technologies for the Railfreight Industry. It is our overriding aim to track disruptive technologies as a solution for highly competitive markets. We're always the pioneers when it comes to push technology or unlock new opportunities.

The longtime international careers of our team members and our extensive worldwide network makes us an ideal partner for companies starting for new markets and asking a connection to new and unknown potential business partners abroad!

Furthermore we offer Management and Consultancy Services for Senior Management Teams. Our expertise in the industry as well as our short-term availability makes us the perfect partner for you - in Austria and abroad!