25. April 2017

About us

linkin.biz is an independent consultancy based in Austria. Since 2016, we have a proven track record of innovation and reliable solutions for the logistics and transportation industry.

Our teams core business is the deployment of pan-European freight solutions. In order to compete with the already very competitive rail freight market and with other means of transport, new ideas, services and products are essential. Due to this fact, linkin.biz heavily invests into research and development of future rail related technologies and rolling stock. It is our overarching goal to track disruptive technologies and bring them to the rail freight industry. We will always be pioneers when it comes to the use of technology to unlock new potential in rail transportation.

The long-lasting international careers of our team members and their extensive global network make us the ideal partner for companies entering new markets or seeking new opportunities abroad. linkin.biz proven expertise in managing and restructuring of medium and large-sized corporations, as well as our short-term availability makes us the perfect fit whenever your management team faces immediate capacity constraints.